Jaska wine trekking

Jaska wine trekking „JANA Trekk 2016“

About the race:
A race through Samoborsko gorje and Žumberak, trek, trail, wine, music, party, pool, swimming…
All the categories have a Trekking concept which means:
1. The map and the route will be known and published on the day of the race 20th of august 2016
2. The route is not marked by official tapes because trails that are marked and unmarked will be used with the help of a map and with written directions.
3. All points must be passed by a numeric sequence:1, 2, 3,…
Note: Everyone who files an entry online until the 10th of august 2016 and pay the entry fee (except the foreigners that pay the fee on the day of the race) will get a start package, a map and directions upon registration. Entering and paying is possible afterwards but we can’t guarantee the start package. Last call for crossing the finish line is 7:00 pm.

Official length of the race:
Ultra: 40 do 42km
Challenger: 22 do 25km
Active: 12-14km

Mandatory equipment:
1. compass
2. minimum 0,5l drinking water or similar
3. whistle
4. first aid kit (bandage, gauze, plasters, disinfectant)
5. cellular phone (with loaded battery and the number declared in application form)
6. registration card (provided by the organizer)
7. map and race instructions (provided by the organizer)
8. a head lamp with spare batteries
9. astro-Foil
10. headgear / warm clothes according to weather
Note: The organizer will review the equipment before the start of the race.
Those who do not have all the necessary equipment will not be allowed to start!
For the first three contestants in each category, both male and female, the required equipment will be inspected at the finish line as well!

The lengths of the Jaska wine trekking races are not exact because they are based on a trek concept therefore the total length depends on the competitor’s abilities and personal preferences.

The race goes through the Jaska side of Žumberačko gorje. The terrain changes with every step, from asphalt to forest trails, meadows, gravel roads and trails that go through bushes. Every contestant choses his or her own route between two points. The most common terrain is a gravel road, after that an asphalt and then forest trails, meadows and so on.

Personal experience:
In 2015, the route of the Jaska wine trekking race went through many wine cellars which was a new trekking concept for me. The Challenger category, in which I took part, had 18 control points from which 13 were wine cellars, 1 cheese business and 4 dead points by certain monuments, like a chapel. The atmosphere of the hosts in control points was perfect. Everyone was nice and ready to help. On each control point you are given homemade wine, sparkled or ordinary water for refreshment. You can stay as long as you like, the only important thing is to reach the finish line by 7:00 pm. There is also food on several points. The food usually consists of fruits, homemade cheese and homemade meat from the host.

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