Krapina – delightful municipal town is located in centre of Krapinsko-Zagorska county, only 50 km noth-west from countrys capital Zagreb. It is embellished by a rich historical heritage, which reaches even 150 thousand years back in time. On a place called hill Hušnjak, ancient neanderthals left traces of their existence, which had been discovered by a prominent biologist, paleontologist and paleoanthropologist Dragutin Gorjanović Kramberger. He is responsible for spreading the name of the town through entire globe.

Krapina Croatian travel destination via vacationsPeople from Krapina are also very proud of old fort town Krapina. It was a economical, administrative- governmental, economical, trade and transit line of a great historical importance, therefore it was (and still is) seizing attention of lots of historiographers, historians and archeologists.

Despite its enormous historical legacy, Krapina has to offer a lots of modern day tourist attractions, like a carnival (Fašnik), acting festival, musical festival (traditional music repertoire), Summer in Kapina, and eminent week of „kajkavska“ culture (kajkavski is a dialect of local people).

Rich gastronomical offer from catering facilities, simply lures you to indulge to fragrance of local specialties. Of course, exquisite high quality wine offering, is something your’ palate will cherish too.
Lots of hiking trails, and paths will give you a insight on natural beauties and exuberance of Zagorje county landscape.
For the art lovers there you can find open Park of sculptures „Forma Prima“ located on Josipovac hill, but there’s also a town gallery worth of visit.

To fully soak up the experience of Krapina and Zagorje county, it is best to come in early fall, when the days are clear, sky is sapphire, and the colours of the tree-tops blend into an ocean of colours. Then you can see little houses scattered along the hills, cattle grazing grass and inhale truly fresh air mixed with the scent of riped grapes.

Attractions in Krapina travel destination:


Kraneamus – Neanderthal museum is the place you could meet Stone age and Neanderthal people who lived at that time in very realistic and unique ways of presenting.


Interior of the Church of St. Mary of Jerusalem astounds the visitor with its tranquility, grace and opulence of wall paintings and frescoes


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