Park Maksimir, Park Maksimir, Park Maksimir

Originally, Park Maksimir was located on the eastern outskirts of Zagreb. But since its creation in the 18th century, the city has grown around it and now the park is surrounded by city blocks from each side. Even though it isn’t the biggest of parks (316 acres) it is a home to a vast array of plant and animal life. The most impressive are the bird population that found their home in the hundred-year-old oak forest.

Seen as a modern undertaking at the time of its creation it represented a forward thinking state of mind of the cities leaders and was seen as a place for people to come and enjoy their free time. Today it serves that purpose in full. In addition to that, it has become a monument of architecture, culture, flora and fauna. The biggest landmarks in the park are the ZOO, lakes, oak forest and numerous architectural monumen

Park Maksimir maksimir zagreb city park zoo via vacationsThe Maksimir ZOO is home to over 250 animal species, and over 2000 animals in total. It spans over seven acres . Built in 1925 it is the oldest ZOO in southeast Europe. The Zoo is open throughout the year, including holidays and Sundays. Open hours are from  9AM until 4PM. Tickets prices are around 3$ or 3€ for children and around 5$/€ for adults.

The architecture in the park is heavily influenced by the way how English parks look like. The man behind this idea was the Bishop Juraj Haulik who was the initiator behind the idea of creating a city park. There are many notable architectural landmarks in the park.

The New summer house of Bishop Haulik was built in around 1855. It is well known for its romanticist style, which is highlighted by large, shallow windows in its forefront.

The Doorman’s house was built in 1847 and it is located at the park’s main entrance, and as such is the first building the visitors see when they enter the park . It has a rectangular shape with a rectangular roof and in the past, it served (as its name alludes) as an apartment for the two guards that were serving as doormen to the park.

Park Maksimir maksimir zagreb city park the echo pavilion via vacationsThe Echo Pavilion is an architectural marvel. It is the only preserved pavilion in the park. It has ten semi-circular glassless windows and with two entrances and its architecture is of the early romanticism era. As its name suggests, when you get into it and yell, you will hear a booming echo reflecting from wall to wall.
Park Maksimir maksimir zagreb city park belvedere lookout via vacationsVidikovac (eng. Belvedere, Lookout) is the object that stands out the most. It is the focal point of the park and all main arteries lead to it. It is a stereometric, two story building that dominates the scenery. All of its forefronts look the same. The ground level is dominated by columns and a porch, above which there is a large terrace. The second story has a terrace as well and a tower that rises above it. All entrances are rounded with an iron fence.

Lakes are a big part of the park, there are five of them. Some are natural and others are artificial. People can row boats in them, or sit on the benches located next to the lakes while watching and feeding ducks and swans.

There is a vast number of tracks that go through the forest of Maksimir and they represent a perfect way to get ”lost” in the middle of a big city, no matter if you’re on a bike or on foot. People also often play football, badminton, throw frisbees and balls around, or just sit and lay on the blanket in the middle of many lawns that are located inside Maksimir. No matter if you’re looking for an active day out, or just to relax and sit around, Maksimir has something to offer.

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