zagreb trams hors tram via vacationsZagreb trams have first appeared in 1891. Back then they were dragged by horses and quickly became the main way of transport in the city. By 1910 Zagreb trams became powered by electricity and in 1911 the horse powered trams became a thing of the past. The initial length of the tram track was eight kilometers, and today it is 116 kilometers. Trams are one of the things that are an intricate part of the city, their appearance is what adds to the charm of the city, especially that of the older vehicles. Even though early versions of them have been yellow, the trams of today are blue, as blue is the official color of the city.

In the beginning, there were ten closed carriages and 6 open (summer) ones. That number grew to 35 in 1910. The first tram route started at the Kvaternik square and then went through Vlaška, Draškovićeva, Jurišićeva streets, over the Ban Josip Jelačić square, through Ilica, over the Western train station, then through Frankopanska and Savska streets to the bridge over the river the Sava. Today there is fifteen day tram lines and four night tram lines. Zagreb currently has 187 motorized trams navigating through the streets of Zagreb, along with 84 carriages.

Main focal points of transport are Zagreb trams stations at Ljubljanica, Črnomerec, Dubrava, Dubec, Špansko, Prečko, Savski Most, Mihaljevac, Borongaj, Western train station, Savišće, Sopot, Zapruđe, Dolje, Kvaternik square, and Žitnjak. See the map Every line either starts or finishes at one of the aforementioned stations/roundabouts.

Buses are the other mean of public transportation when navigating through Zagreb. Zagreb has bigger bus stations at Ljubljanica, Main train station (Glavni kolodvor), Dubrava, Dubec, Podsused, Kvaternik square, Main bus station (Autobusni kolodvor) and other smaller bus stations in various parts of the city. There are direct bus lines from the Pleso airport to the Main bus station, from where tourists can catch Zagreb trams to almost any part of the city.

zagreb trams ticket validator via vacationszagreb trams ticket validator via vacations

The ticket prices for a one-way journey inside the city are 10 kunas, which is around 1.5€/1.5$. Those ticket prices are the same for both trams and buses. And a ticket bought and validated in the tram can be reused in the bus if you are traveling in the same direction. Tickets are valid for 90 minutes starting with when they were validated. Passengers can buy tickets directly from the driver, or on kiosks that are located at nearly every tram/bus stop. The ticket must be validated by inserting (or, in the case of day tickets by tapping) them in the ticket validators that are located behind the driver. You can also buy a daily ticket that costs approximately 5$/4€.